Have you been thinking lately…

Have you been thinking about life insurance lately?  No?  Oh okay, so that means you have a policy already?  No!? Well what are you waiting for??

Okay, okay let’s step back a second.  Did you know that 1/3 of Americans don’t own life insurance? See, you’re not alone.  But, there’s no reason you shouldn’t learn a little more, so listen up.  Most Americans decide against Life Insurance for several reasons:

1) They don’t have any clue what it is.

2) They believe that they can’t afford it.

3) They don’t think they need it.

Educating Americans about personal financial responsibility should be at the forefront of this dilemma.

One thing about life insurance is that you are not obligated to own it.  Unlike Auto and Homeowners Insurance, which are mandatory, Life Insurance is voluntary.  But do you know how much you could pay a month as a healthy person for a $500,000 policy?  Probably cheaper than your coffee bill at the end of the month (which is also a voluntary purchase).  Many people turn to life insurance when their health takes a decline. This now forces them to pay a much higher monthly premium  for the same amount of coverage as a healthy person could have taken advantage of years ago.  The beauty of acquiring Life Insurance young is that you can lock in a cheap rate for 10,15, 20 and even 30 years.

Life Insurance will act as that safety net when an unthinkable event occurs.  You will be able to cover funeral expenses, and allow your loved ones to continue living their lives without that extra income (daughters dance classes, sons travel sports teams). Although a morbid thought, it is a reality.

If you would like a free quote visit our website at Feehan Insurance and fill out the Request a Life Insurance Quote Questionnaire, and one of our staff will reach out to you.  If not, do yourself and your family a favor by reading up a little bit to learn more; you’ll be glad you did.

End of year, the start of a blog

The Feehan Insurance Agency has been blessed with another wonderful year as a business organization that strives to function as a good community steward.  We have been welcomed in to thousands of local homes in order to provide insurance, risk management advice, and  prompt empathetic claim service. We thank you.  As 2012 comes to a close, we will continue to reach out to those in need in our community, while simultaneously moving forward to continue to be the most comprehensive and responsive  insurance agency in the Hudson Valley.  We are honored that we have handled many of our clients insurance needs for over 25 years.

Happy New Year!