Our Staff

Chris Feehan
Phone: (845)278-7070 ext. 250
Email: ChrisF@FeehanInsurance.com
Chris Feehan has been an agent in the insurance business for over twenty years.  After a successful career in the banking industry he moved over to the insurance business, joining his brothers at The Feehan Insurance Agency, specializing in personal lines insurance. Chris is married with four children living in Brewster, NY.  Outside of the office he is busy coaching basketball, soccer, and lacrosse with his children’s teams.

Matthew Feehan, CIC  
Phone: (845)278-7070 ext. 220
Email: MattF@FeehanInsurance.com
Experience: 1985-present
Matt is a graduate of Union College. He is married to Jill, a high school social worker/therapist, and has 2 children. Mat is incredibly involved in his community and spends his most of his time volunteering with the Putnam CAP, American Cancer Society, and the Putnam EDC.

Terry Feehan
Phone: (845) 278-7070 ext. 240
Email: TerryF@FeehanInsurance.com
Terry Feehan has been an insurance agent for over thirty years.  While involved in all aspects of insurance he specializes in life insurance and investments. Terry grew up in Carmel, NY with his brothers but currently lives in Mahopac, NY with his family. In his free time, Terry enjoys playing golf.

William E. Smith, CIC
(Certified Insurance Counselor), AAI (Accredited Advisor of Insurance)
Phone: (845)278-7070 ext. 290
Email: BillS@FeehanInsurance.com
Area of Expertise: Commercial Insurance/Agency Operations/Consultant
?Bill started as one of the original principals of The Feehan Insurance Agency, Inc. in 1986. He is currently semi-retired and working part-time as a consultant and advisor.

Lisa Grosso
Phone: (845)278-7070 ext. 260
Email: LisaG@FeehanInsurance.com
Area of Expertise:  Personal Lines
Lisa grew up in Carmel, NY.  She has been with the agency since 1993, when she started as a high school file clerk. She has since worked her way up to a licensed insurance agent.  Lisa loves to stay busy with outdoor activities golf, hiking & walking the rail trail.

Kathleen A. Catalano
Phone: (845)278-7070 ext. 130
Email: KathleenC@FeehanInsurance.com
Area of Expertise: Claims Department
?Kathleen began working at the Feehan Insurance Agency in January 2012.  Previously she worked as an educator and stay-at-home mom.  She has lived in Brewster for 21 years, and is married with 3 boys.

Emily Smith
Phone: (845)278-7070 ext. 230
Email: EmilyS@FeehanInsurance.com
Area of Expertise: Personal Lines
Emily has worked at Feehan Insurance for the past 16 years in the personal department. She lives in Dutchess County with her husband. She has 3 daughters and 6 grandchildren. She enjoys traveling, the outdoors, and spending time with her family.

Celeste Jacklett
Phone: (845)278-7070 ext. 200
Email: CelesteJ@FeehanInsurance.com
Area of Expertise: Life Insurance, Personal Lines
Celeste has been with the Feehan Agency since May 2006.  Primarily she can be found in the Life Insurance department, however also assists when needed with Personal Lines.  Celeste is married and a busy mom to four boys.

Linda Zarifi
Phone: (845)278-7070 ext. 150
Email: LindaZ@FeehanInsurance.com
Area of Expertise: Personal Lines, Customer Service
Linda joined the Feehan Insurance Agency in 1999 as a Customer Service Representative. She handles all sorts of daily tasks that keep the agency running smoothly. She and her husband live in Sherman, CT.

Linda Hope Clarke
Phone: (845)278-7070 Ext. 210
Email: LindaC@FeehanInsurance.com
Area of Expertise: Commercial Lines
With over 20 years of experience in Commercial Insurance, Linda is our Commercial Insurance Expert. There isn’t anything she hasn’t written in her career. She once wrote insurance for a movie set! Linda lives locally in Connecticut and loves going to the gym.

Albert R. Witte
Phone: (845)278-7070 ext. 300
Email: AlW@FeehanInsurance.com
Area of Expertise: Accountant
Al is a retired High School Math teacher and fills a perfect role here as the Office Accountant. Al is an avid golfer in the summer and has worked here for over 10 years.

John Barbagallo
Phone: (845)278-7070 ext. 490
Email: JohnB@FeehanInsurance.com
Area of Expertise: Producer: Personal and Commercial Lines
John has been a licensed Insurance Broker for 15 years, handling all aspects of both personal and commercial Insurance.  Since John began working with Feehan Insurance in 2008, he’s developed strong relationships with members of the community. On weekends John can be found a local school fields coaching his sons in the sports that they play.

Judy Useted
Phone: (845)278-7070 Ext. 280
Email: JudyU@FeehanInsurance.com
Area of Expertise: Computer Entry Clerk
Judy has worked in the insurance field for 25 years, 21 of them with the Feehan Insurance Agency. She has two children and five grandchildren and 1 great grandson!  Her interests are gardening, walking and spending time with her family.

Susan Enright
Phone: (845)278-7070 ext. 160
Email: SueE@FeehanInsurance.com
Area of Expertise: Billing Dept.
Susan has been with the Agency for 8 years working in the Billing Department building solid relationships with both our customers and company representatives. She lives in CT with her husband and three teenage children. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, hiking, and the simple outdoors.

Brendan Mulvihill
Phone: (845)278-7070 ext. 350
Email: brendan.e.mulvihill@gmail.com
Area of Expertise: Personal and Commercial Lines Agent
?Brendan is a licensed agent writing and servicing both Commercial and Personal Lines clients. Brendan began his Insurance career at Feehan Insurance in 2011, and has since become active in the local networking groups in Putnam County. Brendan is a Member for the BNI Business Prospectors group which meets every Thursday morning at the Eveready Diner.

Sandra Malstrom
Phone (845)278-7070 ext. 180
Email: Smalstrom@Feehaninsurance.com
Area of Expertise:  Personal, Commercial, and Claims
Sandra came to Feehan Insurance in 2014 bringing 34 years of Insurance experience.  Sandra is comfortable in handling anything given to her.  Outside of work, Sandra and husband, Gary, run ‘Hot Rods on the Hudson Car Cruises/Shows’ in Carmel, NY. 

Jeanne Miles
Phone (845)278-7070 ext. 360
Email: jeannem@feehaninsurance.com
Area of Expertise: Commercial Lines
Jeanne is Feehan Insurance’s Excess Commercial Lines market specialist. Understanding Commercial Insurance is hard enough, however understanding the Excess markets which Commercial Insurance needs to be placed is a whole other story! Between Jeanne and Linda, there isn’t a piece of business that they haven’t seen, and there isn’t anything they can’t find coverage for.

Tina Marie O’Meara
Phone (845)278-7070 ext. 110
Email: tinab@feehaninsurance.com
Area of Expertise: Billing department
With a banking background Tina is most efficient in our billing department. She is attentive to detail and works meticulously to find, and fix any billing discrepancies that arise.

Ella Simone
Phone (845)278-7070 ext. 120
Email: ellas@feehaninsurance.com
Area of Expertise: Personal Lines Account Manager
Not only can Ella speak Insurance, she can speak it in English, Polish, Slovakian, Ukrainian, and Russian! With a working background in Insurance Ella was off and running when she joined Feehan Insurance in 2014, and she has only been more beneficial since she was able to reach a base of clients who may not have felt as comfortable in the past. There is comfort speaking your native language and now more customers can feel comfortable with Ella handling their Insurance needs.

Charlotte Rogener
Phone (845)278-7070 ext. 100
Email:  charlotter@feehaninsurance.com
Area of Expertise: Reception
Charlotte is the receptionist which all things flow at the Feehan Insurance Agency.  It’s comforting to know that every time you call that you will be greeted with a warm welcome and a helpful person on the other line.  Charlotte lives in Brewster with her husband and has two grown children.  Charlotte loves to spend time with her family and also enjoys baking.

Lester Connor
Phone (845)278-7070 ext. 140
Email: lesterc@feehaninsurance.com
Area of expertise: Personal Lines Account Manager
Lester is one of our personal lines account managers who happens to be a Connecticut Insurance specialist. Although New York and Connecticut share a close border to the Feehan Insurance location, the rules and regulations can be vastly different depending on which side of the border you live. Having an expert like Lester only helps our customers feel more safe and confident in choosing our agency.

Sandy Mastromarino
Phone (845)278-7070 ext. 270
Email: Sandram@feehaninsurance.com
Area of Expertise: Personal Lines Account Manager
Sandy is one of our Personal Lines Account Managers handling anything and everything that is personal to our customers. Whether it’s insuring a brand new car, or giving advice on specific coverage’s, Sandy has the skills and the charm to make our clients feel welcomed and safe.