Homeowner’s Insurance

Full protection is peace of mind

Life is unpredictable. Be sure to protect your most valuable asset and its contents, as well as the possessions you carry with you every day and even when you travel, against costly loss or damage.

Your homeowner’s policy covers any home you own: a house, condominium, townhouse, co-op, or mobile home, as well as smaller structures on your property including storage sheds and garages.


With a Homeowner’s Policy, your personal property is typically covered against:

windstorms and hail vandalism fire and lightning
damage by vehicle or aircraft plumbing damage damage from falling objects
theft ice damage smoke damage

Valuable artwork, jewelry, furs, and collectors’ items are generally covered under an additional rider to the policy.

Renter’s Insurance

If you are renting, you will need Renter’s Insurance, which covers your possessions when you are living in a home or apartment that doesn’t belong to you.  Your landlord is not responsible for your belongings if they are damaged by fire, smoke, or water, or if the premises are burgled or vandalized.  You should also consider Personal Liability Coverage.


Flood Insurance

If your home is in an area prone to flooding, you should consider flood insurance, which is available through the National Flood Insurance Program.  Be sure to ask us about this when you set up your Homeowner’s Policy.
To get secured financing to buy, build, or improve structures in Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA) you are required to purchase flood insurance. Lending institutions that are federally regulated or federally insured must determine if the structure is located in a SFHA and provide written notice requiring flood insurance.

Dwelling Fire Insurance

Do you own a property other than your primary residence that you either rent to others, are renovating, or seldom use?  A Dwelling Fire Policy will cover the property for damage from fire, an explosion, leaks, or even liability.  Because it doesn’t cover the contents of the property, it costs considerably less than a Homeowner’s Policy.

Keep a Record of Your Possessions

A written and/or photographic record of your possessions is extremely valuable in case of an insurance claim.  We have created a Household Inventory Form, which we recommend you print, complete, and keep in a safe place….just in case.  (Form will open in a new window.)

Contact US discuss the right policy for your needs.

Household Inventory Form (Form will open in new window. Print, fill out, and keep in a safe place)