Health Insurance

Illness and injury strike without warning. Who will pay the doctors, hospital, ambulance, drug store, and all of the people that care for you and your family? Even a brief hospital stay can cost thousands of dollars.

We offer a variety of plans with various deductibles and copays. Call or Email us to find out the latest coverages available.

For the businessman, groups down to 2 people can obtain a program rivaling large groups. Life insurance, short and long term disability income, and all sorts of deductibles and features are available to you for your group. Call us with your census of workers, and we can design a plan for you.

MEDICARE is a complicated area for seniors. If you’re a Medicare recipient, you need a supplement from some source. The Part A deductible increases every year. Part B carries an annual deductible. You are responsible for a percentage of Part B that Medicare does not cover. We have competitive products that will take this worry off of your shoulders.