Business Insurance

Covering all the contingencies is good business

Whether you own a store, a restaurant, or an auto repair garage; whether you’re a manufacturer or a contractor; an accountant, florist or entrepreneur, having adequate insurance for your business is critical.  You want to be sure your premises, property, equipment, and vehicles are protected, as well as your employees and subcontractors.

We offer special programs to cover all types of businesses and have the expertise to guide you through your options.   Be sure you’re protected against all contingencies, with the right coverage for your specific needs.


Business Owner’s Insurance

Our commercial packages designed for small business owners provide generous coverage at surprisingly affordable rates.

Contractors Insurance

Because you work in multiple locations, you need coverage that travels with you.  We will put together a package that covers your subcontractors, vehicles, equipment, and liability for any property damage and/or injuries that might occur on a job.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Complete coverage for your cars, vans, and small trucks protects your vehicles and your drivers.

Workers Compensation

This covers medical expenses if your employee is injured at work.

General Liability

Basic commercial liability insurance covers bodily injury to customers that may occur on your premises.  It also covers legal fees, court costs, and financial settlement (up to a set limit) that might result from a lawsuit.


Similar to your personal umbrella policy, this extra layer of coverage extends beyond the limits of your primary liability policies.


If an employee is unable to work due to illness or an off-the-job accident, Disability Insurance will supplement his/her wages until he/she can return to work, and help pay any rehab costs.

Errors and Omissions & Professional Liability

If your business involves providing professional advice, these policies help cover defense costs if a customer or client sues for financial loss resulting from your expertise.

Contact US to discuss the right policy for your needs.