January 16, 2013

A wonderful winter snow storm has blanketed the Hudson Valley  and caused us to open at 10.  There is nothing like the joy of a child when they get the word, ” school cancelled, it’s a snow day”.  The happiness continued when my wife got the word that her school changed from 2 hour delay to totally closed for the day.  My son then turned to me and asked if we closed as well………..I told him its good to be a kid!, see ya later.  The snow has made for a slower day, hence, I am blogging.  My insurance thought for this blog involves portable space heaters, candles, warm fires in the hearth, et cetera.  All these are being used in my home as I type; please be sure to turn off the space heater, blow out the candles that made your house smell good, and make certain the fire is contained  before you leave the house.  Thanks!





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